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Women to Watch out for in 2016: Profiling Women Leaders.

Forum for women in Democracy has embarked on profiling women leaders that are vying for leadership positions in 2016. FOWODE acknowledges that there is need to profile women leaders that are championing women’s issues for a stronger voice on issues concerning women in decision-making processes. We strongly believe that movement building and profiling women leaders is critical to building a strong voice for women and to holding the state and non-state actors accountable to critical women’s issues. The Uganda Women’s movement despite tremendous efforts to keep women’s issues alive on the National agenda has faced a number of challenges in ensuring the adoption of gender sensitive policy formulation and gender sensitive initiatives. This could be attributed to the insufficient articulation of critical gender and women’s issues in policy debates and dialogues, un-coordinated voices on women’s issues and lack of political will on the part of government to fu

Press Statement on the plight of women victims of sex videos and Nude pictures in Uganda

We the members of the women`s movement and civil society organizations working with women are concerned about the worrying and emerging cases of internet violence against women. We are aware that sex videos and nude pictures have dominated social media and have made headlines on national news papers and tabloids which not only in itself constitutes violence against women, however the consumption of such material facilitates further acts of violence against women. It is unfortunate that these acts of exposure have often targeted women excluding the men about who little is heard. This trend is at least in part attributable to the development of a   new   problem of internet related violence against women, this relates to leaked videos of intimate sexual activity, stalking, and violence against women   on the internet . These have continued to endanger the lives of the victims who do not only experience harsh judgment from the general public but also suffer loss of dignity an


Forum for Women in Democracy represented by Executive director Patricia Munabi joined the rest of Uganda’s civil society to pass on the 2015 New Year’s message. She through our community radio station Speak FM, passed on the message to the people of Northern Uganda. The message recapped the milestones, major fault-lines of 2014, aspirations and commitments for 2015. In 2014, momentum and consensus on the need for Free and Fair Elections was gathered, this year saw “one of the most formidable citizens’ efforts towards building the momentum to advocate for free and fair elections in Uganda. Milestones Civil society did not relent in the campaign against theft of public funds.   The Black Monday Movement sustained the campaign against theft of public resources. The overall objective of the Black Monday Movement is to mobilize citizens to mount a sustained assault against the injustice of corruption. The Black Monday Movement’s flagship newsletter has gone far a

What if there were no elections in 2016: what happens next? - BUNYORO MOCK PARLIAMENT

The Bunyoro mock parliament was held at Ikoba boy’s primary school, Bwijanga Sub County on 22 nd January 2015. This session reached a total number of 100 people and among whom 44 were female and 56 were male. The purpose of mock parliaments aimed at building the capacity of young women, youth and People With Disabilities, PSA’s to effectively engage in legislative debates and give platform for the community to interrogate public accountability and service delivery issues. As 2016 draws close, Forum for Women in Democracy found it imperative to discuss and share views on what people think will happen next if elections are not held in 2016. Basing on the fact that before elections are held the country must have Electoral Laws that are to govern the process like the Electoral Act, Parliamentary Act, and presidential act that are not in place and yet time is too short since these laws are meant to be formulated by parliament to debate and pass them. Beside this t

Gulu District Budget Conference 2015

In line with the planning and budgeting cycle, Gulu district held a budget conference on 15 th and 16 th January 2015; this forum brought together stakeholders such as government and NGOs operating in the district to give feedback mechanism to stakeholders, enhances participatory and consultative approaches based on evidence as core values of the planning and budgeting process. The conference is in line with the statutory planning functions and powers from the constitution of the republic of Uganda 1995, the LGA cap 243 and various guidelines issued from time to time to LGs by the central government. The district has discretionary planning and budgetary powers but its plans and budgets should reflect priorities and objectives set in the national development plan (2015/16-2019/20). This year’s objectives of the conference were to review the district performance for the first half of the year, discuss on current key district development potentials, opportunit